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In India most of the People still believe that hiring an architect before constructing their dream house is quite a costly affair and they land-up constructing their house by taking suggestions from person who are inefficient and not productive. As a result, their house is constructed without proper planning and has no other option than just keep cursing themselves for doing a major mistake of not appointing an architect before construction of their dream-house.


“ArchiTech” involves the client in the creative process. We get into the client’s psyche to read what exactly he wants and after taking the client’s vision we come out with form, explore the possibilities and then integrate it intelligently into the building site, to produce an attractive project that reflects the client’s aspirations.
At “ArchiTech” we are concerned with the aesthetic aspect and apply creativity, knowledge, experience and awareness of the environment efficiently and effectively to create space and buildings that are functional, visually appealing, comfortable, healthy and a pleasure to be in.


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